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There should be some text about me here ... well I'm Swedish and since many years back I've been living in Norway. I'm a gamer at heart, and being a web developer is what pays the bills. I really enjoy my work though ;P

I built my first website in Hotdog Editor (html editor) back in 1995-isch, it had a review for the first Tomb Raider game. I didn't do much more web development after that, but two years later, Final Fantasy VII was released, and I just had to create a website for it (now one of the biggest ones about that game series in Scandinavia). After that, I hardly spent a day away from building websites.

So I've "been around" for a while. I even survived the horrors of the IE6-era (and even the pre IE6-era where we considered IE6 to be the saviour of us all ... imagine that!).

I've worked with a bunch of different CMSs, from homebrew to WordPress to Enonic XP. My key strengths would be placed in the middle of backend and frontend, with a overweight towards the frontend part. I'll be blogging about my daily struggles and findings about CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Profile photo: Photographer Stine Eid

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