Alan Semenov

I started my career in distant 1999 as a Delphi programmer. In 2000, fresh off the University with Master's degree in Computer Science, I embraced the power and beauty of web development and have been hooked ever since.

After more than 15 years of experience as a Team Lead and Project Manager in E-commerce, ERP and CMS branches, I joined Enonic as a Lead Front-End Developer in multi-international environment which I tremendously enjoy.

My particular areas of interest are new trends in Web Development and User Interaction, so my main task is to make sure our software is so amazing and addictive that our users are dreaming of it when their spouses are not around.

Not a Rockstar (except when playing Air Guitar).

Not a Ninja (make weird sounds when disappearing).

Not a Jedi (clumsy with a lightsaber).

Just a UX Developer lucky to witness and contribute to the Rise of the Web.

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